Ran into my man today that does marketing for DGK then saw my boy Avi post this video on Facebook 2 hours later...

Behind the Scenes Shoot The Gentlemens Closet

Shooting with
Photographer: Jon McKenzie
Model: Niamya Durden
Location: 3783 Studios

My new Client St James Shoes @ Thread Show SD

Thanks Sires for the Mazanita Tree

Cj T. came through to the style Hause and dropped off a mazanita tree that he promised us 6mos ago...I enjoyed his company, convo, energy and everything...it was truly a blessing and priveledge

On set of Ms California photo shoot

Back ground to some of the set
Then found someone that just loved my Sires frames so much that she became a fan the same day...

Then I met the beautiful fashion editor of runway icon. aswell swimwear designer Bikka

What a day!

Akuna Matata (He's not shy at all)

Like Father Like Son

Wearing a knit collar as a hooded cover

My little boy said I look like the black ninja turtle

Red & White Gingham Day

Vintage western shirt
Farmer Denim Co jeans
EKQUALYTE plaid belt
Anchor Red /White socks
Chambray/Gingham shoes by Gant

Check out some more sneak peep at the Goorin Installation