Ekqualyte was SO INSPIRED BY THE Thread SHOW in San Diego

This kinda took a minute to get up but it is never too late to talk about an amazing experience. That was just what the Thread SHOW was. Ekqualyte Apparel had an opportunity to check out Thread in San Diego. We definitely know we want to be involved in the shows to come. Our homies from Public Zoo invited us to come check it out. When we arrived it was inspiration from the moment we walked through the door. I had a vision of a future AAP (artist Appreciation Project) and a vision of selling out of all our T_SHIRTS!!!

..Interactive art: Several Photo Shoot Studio Set-ups, Hairstyling stations, Screen Printing Table, and even a Clothing SWAP... Dope!!!!!! Not to mention the Fashion Show, Dj and the Artsy environment of San Diego... We was surrounded by nothing but Artist.. and we really understood that our tag line "For the Artist in You" Has a purpose.. People was really feeling Ekqualyte and the representation of the brand and we was feeling the same about a GANG of other brands such as IE: (Public Zoo, Free Gold Watch, Black Kat, Devious Danzels) and a host of others that Was Dope..

The live art exhibition was "SIK" Artist volunteered to build an igloo shaped forum to Tag Up and Express themselves in a rare form..."Sounds Familiar". I had a chance to meet with the man who put it all together, Schuga known more so as a HOT DJ along Schuga has put on a total of 278 art shows as of this year.. check out "The Infusion Project"

What probably had to be the mostly inspirational or touching situation about Thread show. We camecome across a young artist grindn..Taking his last pennies before preparing for his high school graduating to SELL his hand painted t-shirt.. I had to show Cisco Mora from Nor Cal Some Love...Peep the Pic and the Message on the T-shirt...

PS CHECK THIS PIC OUT...LOL the photographer luved it...

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