Max Neutra


"Focusing on human and animal forms, I strive for each piece of work to be like a signature. Quick and messy. Brave and permanent. Unmistakably written by my hand. Written by the machine that is my body. I try to let the body-machine drive and make the big decisions. Once an image begins to take shape, I accept what it is and fill out the details in response to it’s origins. Through practicing this approach, a stream of surprises emerge, and I am in a constant state of discovery. Although my imagery seems to have a political tone from time to time, it’s not the message but the hunger for discovery that drives me. I feel like I’m always waiting for things to get weird. Live painting feeds that hunger for unpredictability and adventure
by continuing to take me on an urban safari through LA. The grotesque faces and contemplative animals I paint are snapshots taken along the ride. An eclectic collection of specimens and they way I feel about them. Yet, there is a common thread through all the work, a common language no matter the subject. It feels as if the subject is just an excuse to paint the line. It’s the line itself that speaks, and it always speaks the truth. It is my goal to become evermore fluent in the language of the line and continue to capture all the strange sights along the way." - MAX N.

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