Faces in Cars

A few days ago we wrote about how people tend to anthropomorphize objects--seeing faces in ART,other objects such as cars, for instance. And we've all seen objects based on animal shapes. But if designer Shao Yung Yeh is right, future products will be inspired by insects:

"They are light-weight, agile, versatile, efficient and ecological beings," he said. "Compare that to mammals, a common inspiration of modern car design. Insects are more suitable for cars of the future generation."

Hence his Insecta concept car, inspired by a grasshopper. "The legs are connected to a central chassis as a thorax, while the canopy can be read as an insect's head," Shao explains. "The battery pack at the back symbolizes abdomen." And interestingly enough, it's the second thing we've seen inspired by a grasshopper in as many days.

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