We was looking online and needed to get back to the basics of our hand painting and we came across this..This is the Inspiration We NEED TODAY!!!!!!!

Lilo Kinne started her career as an artist in 1976. In Paris, from 1982 - 1989, she created, produced and distributed the 'Oeuvres d'Art Originales Paris - New York' collection, her own Art In Fashion Collection. The collection consisted of dresses, ensembles, shirts, and tops that were printed with original works of art in limited editions of 500 per color combination.

These original works of art on textile find their contemplation and admiration in the movements of daily life instead of being framed and hung on walls.

Each piece was delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity. In linen, silk, cotton and wool, these outfits were worn in the fashionable streets all over Europe (Milano, Roma, Paris, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, London), Japan and the United States.

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