What is the Ekq Movement

Immediate Release:


Dear Artist,

Thank you for Supporting Ekqualyte Apparel(Pronounced Equality).

This refreshing artist movement blossomed from the anomalous mind of Manuel Jackson bka !E!, a recent 2006 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles (FIDM). Ekqualyte’s mission is to “Break down classifications, color lines and boundaries” We are known for our one of a kind hand crafted apparel and our elaborate use of color combinations. We are not just an apparel brand we are a Fashionable Artist Lifestyle and a real Artist Movement. You will recognize Ekqualyte by our Statement Marks.

Logo Or Signature

If you see either one of these Statement Marks please know that the Ekq Movement is represented…

Our Slogan: is self explanatory because this is a Movement a strong artist movement because we all are artist and with out us as innovators life would be limited We are stronger as a unit than individuals… “Get with the Movement or Get Left Behind”

What Ekqualyte is “Working On“?

Manuel has begun filming a documentary of live art events ranging
from various type of exposure from celebrity video and photo shoots,
to classic art-gallery setting to the actual night club...involving himself and other Ekq Artist

What is Ekquality Apparel? Ekqualyte Apparel is an artist movement. A movement that is contained with young entrepreneurs. With a mindset to what some call “Hustle”. Ekq Apparel is artist that strives for there success however gains recognition when ever their acquaintance is met. You can tell this spontaneous movement in these individuals work.

Whether it’s fashion, film, public relations, graphic design, tattoo, graffiti, hand painting, make up, airbrushing, negotiating , bombing, performing, acting, modeling, b-boy dancing, painting, drawing, sketching, designing an/ or any artistry you are inventor and your purpose is provide your skills for the world to appreciate.

There fore I want to show much Appreciation to the individuals and/ or groups who has supported this Ekqualyte Movement and is a part of this Movement. The Ekq Movement supports people and their work and artistry..

Thank You From Ekqualyte Apparel

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