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Vol 3.
By: Brian Best of Parker King Productions.
Find out what’s the best from Brian Best!


Event Re-cap

Friday the 22nd Ekqualyte did an Oscar gifting Suite at Gibson Showroom along with other designers including Mochaccino, Sucession, M..The Movement and Peeler Apparel (Gifting Suit provided by Enigma PR.)
And we extend a special thanks to Rohn Padmore for Supporting the Ekq Movement.

The very next day we did an event at the Del Amo Mall which launched the collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and International Graffiti Artist Fafi.
Ekqualyte Apparel was set up along with Cherlye Koo and her dance crew to provide entertainment to the MAC Shoppers. Ekqualyte Apparel did an exclusive T-shirt live for the MAC ladies. We also provided the customers who purchased the new MAC/ FAFI an opportunity to Tag the Famous Ekqualyte Tagged Hoody. They also got an exclusive Tagged bagged from Ekqualyte Apparel...So we brought a new hype to our live event.

Event Update

We are painting live for Slum Village.
Fri @ Crash Mansion
Purchase Tickets NOW!!!

Sat Event 3/1/08
Oh SH...T it is LEAP Year.. Ok So Ekq will be rocking out with DDL in supports of Leukemia Fundraiser
Sam from DDL is Running for a cause of course we support her movement
So check us out at Club Tatou.



The MAC STARS TEE was inspired by all of the stars of Del Amo MAC Cosmetics
There is variations of Stars in the solar system from big stars to smaller stars but they all have a significant roll and with out each star the apart of the SHINE missing. SHINE ON Del AMO MAC. By the way !E! of Equalyte Apparel will have some of the MAC girls autograph this hot Tee, and it’ll soon be available on E-Bay.
(Details coming soon)

This is harder than we thought ..Is it us..or them.. I don't know...We will be casting through this Friday at
Crash Mansion.
Casting will actually start at 8pm--No later than 9pm.

We are hosting. Yeah the very own designer/ artist himself, the "Spike Lee of Fashion", wants to know what’s going on with you. He will be interviewing artist who supports the Ekq Movement as part of his documentary.
So you can let people know what you are up too!

For those of you that wants to stay up on the Ekq Movement and whats Hot and whats NOW in the Fashion Industry visit and share our blog (link)
and our affiliates (links)

Shout Outs and Affiliates

Special Shout Out to Michael Wright for his Fashion Show in San Francisco with Legendary Karl Kani...
Huge Sucess..Why go wrong wrong when you can go Michael Wright

Manny and De la Noche
Thinking out loud
Fashion meets music

Check out some footage from our previous live art events and Ekq at work
we will keep you updated please let us know what you think!!

Soul Session

Thank You for Supporting the Ekq MovementRemember:

Ekqualyte ='s Every1...Get with the Movement or Get Left Behind...

Please feel free to contact us @
www.ekqapparel.com.... coming soon

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