Another Great Week.

So, again we had another great productive week!

Friday Feb 29
We did a sold out event with Arista recording artist Slum Village at Crash Mansion.

EKQ artist, JJ Kingman worked on a Wu-Tang hoodie(I was excited to hear it too!) Alot of people came out, signed our guest book and tagged hoodies.

Model/Fashion extraordinaire Rhonda hosted and did an outstanding job.

At the event, !E! of Equalyte Apparel, like the superstar he is, got the crowd hyped, sparking people’s interest in the EKQ movement.

!E! painted an exclusive piece for Slum Village and it was hot!!!! He even customized and sold shirts on the spot… about talent!

By the way, special thanks to Manny and Holy Grail at the Crash Mansion event.

Sat March 1

!E! went to the Crash Trade Show. He met other designers such as M…the movement, Matt Levine of Skeelo, 5-4, and 3:33 Footwear

The trade show was a great opportunity for other designers to meet and network instead of aggressively competing with each other.

Look for exlusive interviews with some of these designers coming soon!

Until then cotinue to support the EKQ movement!

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