Artist Appreciation Project gets bigger each year...

AAP3 was a HUGE success!!!

Those of you who made it out, thanks so much for coming..those who didn't, we hope to see you at this year's!!

To get you up to speed, AAP3 (Artist Appreciation Project), had it's 3rd annual event on October 22, 2008. This non-profit organization was created by myself and my wife who is also an artist, to give more to artists by letting people view them working in a "live" gallery setting. It's no price you can put on a piece when you've seen it done in front of you. This year we were lucky to be able to partner with Artshare LA, and we couldn't have been happier. The night was filled with great music, great drinks, great food and creative people!

Art Share LA

Art Share Los Angeles is a community arts incubator whose mission is to shape lives through art, education and community action. Operating out of a converted warehouse in the Arts District, Art Share offers free art classes with incredibly talented artists. To find out more info visit

Several expressions of artistic talent took place at the same time which included a live photoshoot with make-up art, live art on canvas, body art, body paint and a live band with DJ. This year’s featured artists included celebrity make-up artists' CC Moten and myself of Lollipop Artistry's. Fashion Stylist, Chris Jovan along with visual artists Jason Lee (Subrage Art), Nick Miller (The Gusz), Santiago Heredia (Roborganiz) and Michael Norice (Byn Customs). Fashion designers Tina Summers (Cowgirl Heaven), Cheryl Koo (The Other Duck), Kafka (Reset Couture), and of course Manuel Jackson (Ekqualyte).

We also featured art from Louis (age 2) and Kane Vitale (age 3), their mother started an organization called Angelboy Art to help children with special needs express themselves through art. Her son Louis has a rare condition called arthrogryposis, and painting is a form of exercise for him. For more information about this organization visit

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