Handling Business Having Fun.... Colors & Patterns: Contrasting Plaid &Ginghams

There has always been debates about whether you can wear various different kind of prints but I must say this is how it should be done.

Right here in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip

You Catch our very own model (Trevor Dow) wearing a

Moods of Norway plaid suit with a English Laundry Gingham shirt. The look is all about contrasting patterns with out a clownish look.

The Red White and Blue is a bit of a twist for the Fall but what the hell it is LA

But the Accessories is what gives the suit another flare.
The Han Cholo Gold Sword Ear Ring (used as a pendant) on the lapel.

The Red stitching in the Ekqualyte Bow tie pops goes cohesively with the plaid stripes in suit and shirt but is not over doing this style

We must admit to put on a Blue Plaid Suit makes a statement only which MOODS Can Identify as handling business and having Fun

GLASSES Super Glases
BOW TIEBOW TIE by Ekqualyte
JEWELRYPendant and Ring by Han Cholo
Suit and Shoes by Moods of Norway

Styled by Manuel Jackson
Photography Shy (Social Misfits)
Model Trevor Dow

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  1. I like what I see. I couldn't wear this look myself (suits too 'smallish ' for my large frame ), . I would have used a much smaller tie, the volume of it looks too old.Good haberdashery denotes seeing at least 1/2 " of cuff? I would have puy that pin on the hat, where it would get some play, it's lost amongst all the plaid. Only a skinny white boy can pull this off, which is what you have. Make your looks relative to a wider audience.That's my initial take.