Ready For Fall...Mixing Traditional Vintage with a Modern Look

With the crazy rain this week I do know that the statement "It Never Rains in Southern California" is NOT TRUE...

However, this only can mean one thing.. FALL is Here..

But what are Men going to wear this Fall are they wearing trench coats, scarves, mid boots, fashionable socks, Bow ties, wood grain eye wear, fashionable tie belts, wooden pendants, and two finger rings.

I don't see why not???

This look is our Rustic Look

London Fog Vintage Trench Coat (Grey/Taupe HoundsTooth)
Egyptian Scarf (Gold, Silver, Maroon)
Vintage Pendleton Wool Plaid Shirt(Red, Black Yellow)
Ekqualyte Bow Tie (Brown, Olive w/ Red Stitching Gold Pendant)
Super eye wear (Eye Wear)
Vintage fashionable tie belt (Black red dots)
Ekqualyte Wooden Pharoah pendants (Wood)
Han Cholo Owl two finger ring (Silver)
Urban Outfitters Fashionable Sock (Turquoise & Brown)
Vintage Mid Boots (Brown)

Styled by Manuel Jackson & Letron Hutchins
Photography: Shy (Social Misfits)
Model: Trevor Dow

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