Dressing it UP or Down: Accessorizing The Look of a Cardigan

We are all about (Sophistication) dressing it up but we decided to keep it (Street)and dress it down.

Its all about taking a cardigan and using accessories to make that cardigan stand out. You can also do this with a V-neck sweater or T-shirt..

We took a Parish USA Cardigan and put a pin stripe Cohesive button up and a hint of red yarn from a Vintage Michael Wright t-shirt and let a red silk bandanna hang along with some black and white checkered Ekqualyte Suspenders,
The classic black Christy's wool hat trimmed with a white band ties in with the RetroSuper sun glasses and White Jump Shoes Bring it all together..but the look is not complete with out the Han Cholo Machine Gun Chain and Pyramid Ring...

This is taking classic accessory pieces and dressing it up but "Still Being Down for the Everyday Grind in the Street"...

Hat: Christy's (Black Wool Fedora)
Bandanna: Ekqualyte (Red Silk Bandanna Print)
T-Shirt: Michael Wright (Black T-shirt Trimmed with Red Yarn Stitching)
Button Up: Cohesive (Grey/Whit Pin Stripes)
Cardigan: Parish Nation (Black/White Stripes)
Denim: Farmer (Dark Denim)
Shoes: Jump (White)
Jewelry: Han Cholo (Machine Gun Necklace and Pyramid Ring)
Eye wear: Retro Super (White Sun Glasses)
Suspenders: Ekqualyte (Black/ White Checkered) Trimmed in red stitching

Styled by Manuel Jackson
Photography: Shy (Social Misfits)
Model: Trevor Dow

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