Geek Chic & Street

What is Geeked' Up .. Honestly I'm not sure..
I guess this is apart of being Geeked Up but here at
Ekqualyte we can still keep it street...

How can we keep it Geek Chic & Street...
1ST by Having a Dark Pine Green and Navy Blue wool paper boy hat and adding a Voltron ring on the finger and Ak-47 charm as a pendant in the pocket of pull over cardigan sweater with a maroon knit tie to pop the light colored washed denim shirt underneath the blue pull over cardigan. The Silver Ak-47 Pendant and gun metal voltron ring contrast beautifully on the blue pull over cardigan. The dark denim washed jeans trimmed with yellow & tan stitching cohesively brings the yellow and red polka dots together in the navy blue socks. The Olive green mid cut boots offers a subtle contrast in the wood grain eye wear. This is a subtle tonal every day look for the guy that wants to go geek chic but still keep it street!!!

Hat:(Pine and Navy Wool Paper Boy) Basquenti
Eye wear: (Plastic Wood Grain) Retro Super
Knit Neck Tie: (Maroon) Ekqualyte
Button Up: (Stone Washed Denim) Cohesive
Pull Over Cardigan: (Navy Blue) Parish-Nation
Denim: (Dark Blue) Farmer
Socks: (Navy, Red & Yellow Polka Dots) Urban Outfitters
Shoes: (Olive)Greedy Genius
Jewelery: (Ak-47 Silver Charm & Voltron Ring Gun Metal) Han Cholo

Stylist: Manuel Jackson
Photographer: Shy
Model: Trevor Dow

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