Wool & Color..Mixing Traditional Vintage with a Modern Look

Today we want to give the color of wool another appeal. Yes everyone is use to the traditional blacks, browns, and heather grey wool Blazers.

But we reached into the trenches of traditional colors in wools. Benetton was revolutionary for giving us traditional wool colors... So why not keep the tradition going and mix it up with a modern appeal.

Why Not put a purple and yellow plaid shirt with a vintage yellow wool cardigan, Purple bowtie and a vintage Dark Mint Wool Blazer with a subtle hint of yellow in the wool and bring it together with Purple Metallic snake skin mid top Shoes and leather caramel brown belt and a brass Pendant on the pocket of the blazer tie in the brass in the buttons on some dark denim with subtle yellow stitching and grey Italian hand crafted frames

Shirt: Cohesive Apparel
Bow tie: Ekqualyte Apparel
Eye wear: Retro Super
Cardigan: Vintage
Blazer: Vintage
Denim: Farmer
Shoes: JumpShoes
Jewelry: Han Cholo
Belt: Hand Crafted

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