Photgrapher of the Week: Shy Jackson

Photographer/ Graphic Designer
"Social Misfit" Shy Jackson

"Shy" Elliot Jackson raised in Philadelphia decided a months ago to up and leave Philly and pursue has music career and decided to pick up a camera.
Shy definitely brings a certain eclectic style when he walks in the room with his now Hot Pink MOhawk. Ekqualyte Style hause had an opportunity to work with Shy in Our 1st style hause photo shoot. We loved because Shy was hungry and passionate and just down to shoot wherever an opportunity presented itself even in the W Hotel elevator.

Although Shy markets himself as this crazy wild party animal...He is down to earth cool and calm guy that works hard and occasionally plays Hard! Although SHy has not been shooting very long he is very talented and has a detailed eye. We interviewed Shy after shooting with us. Just to see what Shy's future plans..

Interview with Shy Jackson

1.Shy how long have you been Shooting?

I have Been shooting for about 2 years on & off.

2.What inspired you to get into photography?

Different things like catching amazing moments in one frame. I use to take many pictures of myself then decided to turn the camera around on to life.

3.What brought you to LA?

To make a life I never had before & to get to a better life opportunity & of course the weather lol

4.What is some of your short-term goals with photogrpahy.

Maybe get my work in a few magazines or get signed to company to be the main photographer

5.What did you think of the shoot with Ekqualyte Style Hause?

The shoot with ekqualyte style hause was amazing it was eye opening and my best shoot to date brought alot of things to my clear vision

6.What do you like to photograph?

My favorite thing to photograph has to be a skyline of a city but I like to take pictures of life period

7.If you had an opportunity to photograph anyone or anything or any place what would
it be?

It would have to be me on top of the clouds walking as I take pictures of everything around me

8.Where do you self in another 6 years?

I see myself possibly in California doing tons of different work making a comfortable living doing what i love.

9.Do you have girl-friend?

No girl friend at all

10.Whats Up with the Pink Hair

Haha it's just something that's apart of me I am never scared to try new things so I put pink on top of my blonde hair. It stands out after I do.

Thanks Shy for Supporting the Ekq Movement!!

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