Acessorizing the Look: Five Four Holiday Look Book Shoot

Ekqualyte Style Hause Loves How Five Four Clothing Accessorized the Look with this Look Book Shoot!

Here at Ekqualyte,we have always been a huge fan of FiveFour Clothing. Five Four has evolved from a Urban feeling brand to a more sophisticated contemporary gentlemen appeal. Now with two Flag ship stores in the Los Angeles area. You can definitely see that Five Four appeals to the modern man and still has it's Street Edge:

We Caught Up with some of the family at Five Four...The Emerging and Stylish Bow Tie Mikey. Aka "Michael Anthony Warren"
Currently holding the title of Visual Coordinator, Mr Michael Warren is the is no stranger to knowing how to accessorize the males look. Being in the process of developing tie line himself he knows how to appeal to the everday guy and remain in the male comfort zone. With contrasting a hint of color whether a belt, sock, pocket square or tie, Mr. Warren knows how to allow the accessory to give the garment its own flare. Whatever he touches he gives a redefining appeal. From developing and designing a layout of store, to developing a theme and merchandising a visual window he totally contributes a great since of style to the FiveFOur Holiday Collection and we wanted to give props where props are due! Why not like I said this shoot was totally about family even with Male model Devon Drakkar which is fam 2.

I love it as you can see "Mikey Bowtie" accessorized the collection with bow ties, neck ties scarfs, hats, eye wear, belts, socks and even a sweater.

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  1. Nyyce, yo thas da homie DeVon ain't it?