Yelena York Tonoyan

The Multi Talented Yelena York Tonoyan
Photographer, Graphic Designer, Artist. Designer, Model and More

Theres so much that I can say about Yelena Tonoyan.,
but one thing I can say is the detailed eye of Yelena Tonoyan is remarkable.
Allow Yelena to get in the Zone and whatever she produces is Brilliant

Here at the Ekqualyte Style Hause we would like to thank Yelena for participating in our
style hause shoot, We Love how Yelena just shows up and ready to shoot and down to go guerilla style but with Yelena's Special Touch you will receive greatness every time.

Thanks Yelena

The way that Yelena captured the subtle and sophistication of Joe and Luke looking fashionable in Clover Japan beanies and Shag plaid pants and a Ekqualyte Bowties. Yelena also creates themes around the scenery and the models personalities while she captures the essence of the scenery, artist and the clothes.

Yelena and Ekq Style Hause stylist brought together a great culmination of floral prints, plaids and bright colors to create a masterpiece.

The Madonna also by Yelena York Tonoyan hand drawn with Marker...Yes Marker!

To See More from Yelena York

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