Color makes it Cohesive and sets the Mood

If you know me you know 1st I love color and you also you know I love Moods of Norway..I like Moods for several reason but the main reason is they love color too and they are not afraid to be bold in the design aesthetic.. Sometimes a little too bold for us American men...

But in this look Im showing how you can wear colors, moods and still remain subtle in your style.

I am wearing a rose color pink fitted button up with a white cardigan and and a teal skinny 2" neck tie with thin rose pink stripes...If you notice the cardigan is the piece that brings this look together with being too bold..

Why is this well lets see, 1st the cardigan had a very light color teal embroidered tractor to the side then on the opposite side on the sleave it has about 5-6 colors hot pink, rose pink, light teal, turquoise, black and yellow... Medium Stripes...

In my look I am highlighting all 5 colors from the bright neon yellow in my slap watch to the blue and black stripes in the band of my Christy's fedora. Each color is highlighted yet subtle
Which makes this look cohesive and still fly...

Let me know your thoughts

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